Support Services


Suport Services

Hitchins IT Services are proud to offer a suite of consultancy services, bringing virtual project management, system stability and efficiency advice to your company on a one-off or ongoing basis.

What’s more, you’ll save money on hiring multiple contract staff who need time to get to know the work you do. We’re flexible enough to accommodate demanding business requirements at times of high project activity, or during crucial periods such as infrastructure upgrades, without committing you to services your business won’t use.

Virtual IT Manager

Is your budget too small to accommodate an additional member of staff? With the virtual IT Manager service from Hitchins IT, constant system support need not be an expensive luxury. Modern remote management of IT systems means an IT manager is no longer the privilege of larger businesses.

We can act as your dedicated IT Manager for an affordable price, offering impartial, strategic planning and advising you on how best to grow. Hitchins IT will tailor the virtual IT Manager service to utilise the technology you already have – saving you money on expensive upgrades. With a virtual IT manager you’ll have all of this and more:

  • Reinforcement of your online identity with expert guidance
  • Development of your business objectives – without huge overheads
  • Analysis of your current IT priorities and how they meet your current and future needs
  • An effective long term strategy in business-critical areas such as service continuity
  • Constant monitoring of your infrastructure and environment
  • Progress reports at board or management level

Hitchins IT Services have experience working with many types of businesses, from single person startups to multi-seat enterprises. Our virtual IT Manager service will add value, reliability and scalability to your organisation for years to come. Prices for our virtual IT Manager start from just £50 PCM (excl VAT). For more information, or for a no-obligation chat about your requirements, telephone our friendly staff now on 01892 800 800.

Bespoke Application Support

Many growing businesses commission their own bespoke software solutions to improve productivity and to allow their staff to work more efficiently with a system designed specifically for them.

You may implement this custom software without a support contract, or your software may still be in use when your contract expires. In some cases the original developers cease trading, leaving you with an unsupported (and possibly unstable) application running in your live environment. This is a risk which should always be avoided.

As your infrastructure and environment change, you may experience problems with compatibility, reliability and overall system sluggishness. You will probably also find that your business processes continue to develop beyond the capabilities of your software, requiring staff to learn workarounds just to cope with the system you implemented. Training costs then increase, and staff are required to spend more time on knowledge transfer.

Why struggle with unsupported bespoke software, or risk downtime and the loss of crucial data?

At Hitchins IT Services, we have in-depth knowledge of all major programming languages and can support your bespoke software applications remotely or on site. For mission-critical applications, you are likely to need a quick response to any problems that arise. There will be other situations where your needs are more variable – perhaps for software that is only used at certain times of the month, or only used by a particular department in the business. We offer varying levels of application support packages, tailored to suit the size of your company, your budget restraints and the importance of your application. In the case of persistent malfunctions, our technicians can proactively review the source code of your application and recommend improvements and patches. We can even provide personal application support for your staff and clients, technical authoring, e-learning, training manuals and user guides.

And if you do decide to replace your system in the future, you will benefit from the expert advice of Hitchins IT, the consultancy who have already worked with your staff and understand your infrastructure and business processes. Not only will this save your business money in the long run, it will save you valuable time.

Rather than ordering a new bespoke software package for higher cost, why not see if our technicians can extend the life of your existing investments?

Contact us today with the details of your custom software and we will recommend a support solution for your bespoke applications. Simply telephone 01892 800 800 and our experienced customer service advisers will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.