Oracle – Delivering Agility, Security and Scalability At A Lower Price With Cloud Strategy

Oracle Cloud

Compared to its competitors Microsoft and Adobe, Oracle was a little late in acknowledging cloud as the main business driver in this present digital age. Today, the firm has spent billions to revolutionize its infrastructure by bringing its infrastructure and apps onto a secure cloudy footing.

Oracle Cloud is considered as the industry‚Äôs most integrated and broadest public cloud. It provides professional services across a range of platforms today, platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). With Oracle’s cloud strategy, consumers can now even use Oracle Cloud in their own data center.

Cloud infrastructure laid down by Oracle includes 30,000 computers and 400 petabytes of data that support 62 million users every day. With its Cloud Strategy, Oracle is helping thousands of organizations to drive innovation and business transformation into their business by increasing business agility, reducing IT complexity and lowering costs of operations.

What is different about Oracle’s cloud strategy is that it tries to give its customers the best-in-class services. It offers scalability and metered pricing, enabling quick scale-up and -down of capacity as required, while but keeping the entire record behind a customer’s firewall, making it reasonably safe.

Oracle aims to offer a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, engineered systems and platform services, through its cloud strategy. In the 2015 alone,the firm has generated more than $12 billion in cloud software sales, proving its Cloud Strategy is winning the market.

Posted By Admin On Oct 18, 2016