Datacentre and Hosting Services


Datacentre and Hosting Services

Hitchins IT Services takes pride in using one of the most trusted data centres, Custodian DC for all it’s Data Centre services.

Custodian’s award winning infrastructure has been designed to give robust and efficient solutions to business continuity. The infrastructure has been constructed to give future proof resilience and give the option of being totally flexible to clients needs. The inherited advantages of their campus site, such as, power availability, building management systems, connectivity and security have been combined with the most advanced technology.

Advantages of Custodian are;

  • Unlimited ups power availability.
  • Annualised PUE under 1.2 – one of the most energy efficient facilities in Europe.
  • Rapid deployment inert gas fire suppression system – without power interruption.
  • A secure data centre, within a secure site.
  • On-site Satellite Farm/Earth Station offering bespoke up-link & backhaul of data.
  • Physical security features include fencing & entrance barriers to all boundaries.
  • 24/7/365 manned and patrolled external security.
  • Monitored infra red CCTV coupled with internal patrols linked by radio.
  • Centrally controlled access system monitors and manages all aspects of access into the facility and within the site as a whole.

With three private substations on site and twin EDF grid feeds the Data Centre has more than enough power redundancy, full UPS protection and automatically activated Diesel Generators which take over from the UPS within 30 seconds.

Custodian offers multi-carrier diverse fibre networks connecting to the London Metro Mesh and National backbone allowing Custodian to provide exceptionally low packet loss, super fast transfers and incredibly high resilience. Their network capability supports robust D\R strategies with low latency\high throughput technologies. All equipment is fully failover capable and even multiple concurrent equipment failures will still allow unhindered connectivity.

  • Sub 1ms latency to Docklands
  • Tier 1, Multihomed & Partial IP Transit
  • Leased lines & Point to Point Connectivity
  • Cost effective Backhaul
  • Point to point Interconnects
  • Carriers include BT, Virginmedia (formerly NTL:Telewest) & SSE Telecom (formerly Neos Networks)

Custodian’s award winning infrastructure is designed to exceed the most demanding environmental & cooling requirements. They have incorporated a combination of free air / fresh air / chilled water cooling technology, utilising ambient temperature where possible to reduce our carbon footprint. This supplies a bespoke high capacity overhead duct network with electronic dampers which allows a fully balanced system. Coupled with a tuneable hot air ceiling plenum we are able to provide exactly the right amount of cooling to the right places at the right time. When outside temperatures are below 22 degrees, we pull in clean room filtered fresh air only, reducing our PUE to 1.2 and below. Our environmental monitoring systems incorporate temperature, humidity & water detection systems generating real time SMS/email/pager updates to all relevant engineers & technicians. Several independent monitoring systems are deployed in parallel to ensure the immediate detection of any fault condition.