Consultancy Services


Consultancy Services

Hitchins IT Services are proud to offer a suite of consultancy services, bringing virtual project management, system stability and efficiency advice to your company on a one-off or ongoing basis in the following service areas; IT Solutions, Project Management, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Chart your future with Hitchins IT Services proven expertise in IT Solutions. As today’s technology landscape is continually advancing, it is critical to understand how these changes impact your business. We enable you to take advantage of new opportunities for growth with advanced IT solutions.

Hiring Hitchins IT Services will save your money spent on hiring multiple contract staff who need time to get to know the work you do. We are flexible enough to accommodate demanding business requirements at times of high project activity, or during crucial periods such as infrastructure upgrades.

Project Management

Handling the development of your business can be a time-consuming task, and at some point you will probably decide you need to share the load. A Project Manager can take on a specific workstream within the development of your IT strategy, leaving you free to oversee the project without worrying about the finer details.

A full-time contract Project Manager is not a cost-effective option for many businesses, especially in the current economic environment where smaller companies are struggling through with increased workloads and juggling tasks to avoid spending money on another resource.

Our Project Management service is a flexible, tailored approach which allows you to bring in expertise to run a particular IT development, such as new software, upgrades, replacements of hardware or a large-scale switch to a new system. In all of these situations a Project Manager will streamline the activity and lighten the load for your existing teams. Hitchins IT can gather requirements and build a project plan for you, so the hard work is done and you are free to implement it at a time to suit your business.

Not only do you save money overall with a Project Manager, but you save time, while getting the expertise of a trained and experienced professional who can guide your project for you. Not only that, your Hitchins IT Project Manager can re-visit your project plan whenever you feel it is necessary. Ordinarily, when working with contracted resource, you would need to sign up another Project Manager who would then need time to familiarise and pick up where your previous member of staff left off – costing you time and money.

The Hitchins IT Project Management service can be used in conjunction with our other services, such as the IT Manager and the Project Guidance service to ensure any size of IT project runs without a hitch – and with minimal disruption to your own workload. To find out if a Project Manager could help you, telephone our friendly team of experts today on 01892 800 800.

Disaster Recovery

If you don’t have a contingency plan in place for the potential failure of your IT systems, you could be risking a serious outage at any time. Could you recover from the collapse of one of your core IT systems quickly, ensuring no interruption in service? If you’re not sure you could, Hitchins IT can help.

Our Disaster Recovery service provides a complete solution to get your systems back up quickly and efficiently when things go wrong. We can analyse the steps needed to bring your systems back online in a ‘worst case’ scenario and create a tailored disaster recovery plan for your business. This disaster recovery framework will bring everything back online – often before your clients, customers and even employees have chance to notice the failure at all.

An essential second step is our Business Continuity service, which stacks neatly with disaster recovery to provide a complete suite of services that will ensure your essential systems are always available. Our business continuity plan will include a complete company IT risk assessment so we understand your critical business functions. Coupled with our expertise and experience in disaster scenarios, you can trust us to keep your employees working.

The Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity service come complete with audits and checkpoints to ensure our plan is future-proof and offers you the best possible security and value for money.

Talk to us today on 01892 800 800 about our tailored Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services for your company.