Advance Change Case Study

Company Background

Advance Change is an organisational development company with a commercial focus. As it brought its flagship product Actus to market, Advance Change needed an independent company to examine the product’s efficiency, scalability and performance.

Many technical companies now outsource development to other countries. Often, they need a new perspective on progress to keep the project on track. Hitchins IT Services acted as a third-party, independent contractor, liaising with Advance Change and its Indian developers to oversee progress, recommend change and ensure the product was robust enough to cope with rapid expansion. Hitchins IT completed the assignment within just two weeks. Advance Change is now in a suitable position to take on a large number of new users in a relatively short time.


The company engaged Hitchins IT services to streamline the development process, review progress to date and ensure that the software was ready for a massive increase in demand. Due to the physical location of its developers, Advance Change needed a third party that could work remotely and offer recommendations without formal meetings. Hitchins IT Services has previously worked with companies serving tens of thousands of users on web farm environments. Our expertise made us the ideal partners for the project. We offered a dependable, adaptable consultancy service with the right level of technical know-how.


Initially, we reviewed the code of the Actus application and the structure of its database. We assessed its suitability for growth and its ability to scale to meet the needs of its users as traffic increased. Our engineers provided an overall quality assessment, drilling into the source code within Actus to identify potential bottlenecks and problem areas. From this research, we produced a recommendations document. This described opportunities for better efficiency and performance, both in terms of the source code and the infrastructure on which Actus is built. Hitchins IT Services advised Advance Change on the best way to grow their resources once the product picked up more users. Our team liaised with developers to ‘translate’ some of the project requirements into technical language which the developers could work from. A plan was developed which will help propel Actus forward and ensure it scales comfortably and continues to meet customer expectations.


Advance Change was able to plan environment changes including increased redundancy and to protect against traffic spikes and increased usage. The application code was also reviewed and improved, and the developers were armed with a comprehensive set of technical recommendations to propel their work forward over the coming months. The recommendations we provided will ensure Advance Change can launch its product with confidence and serve its growing user base efficiently. The assignment also proved that it’s possible to review applications without huge investment, yet the improvements made can revolutionise the way in which an application grows and matures.

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