Hitchins IT Services: Our Way

We deliver solid solutions on time and on budget

About Us

Hitchins IT Services offers a range of services and solutions aimed at small to medium-sized organisations, designed to free up your own time and resources.

We involve our clients as much as possible throughout all stages of the project. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and understand exactly what’s going on: you won’t find us steamrolling you with jargon or replacing adequate equipment with vastly over-specified and expensive kit.

No matter what the type of project, our tried-and-tested way of working ensures a successful outcome. At the same time, we understand that every business is different, so we offer a bespoke solution to meet your exact performance requirements.

Here’s an outline of our tried and tested process:



Communication is key to a project’s success, so we start by gaining a thorough understanding of your business, your objectives and your current limitations.The time spent at this stage varies based on the complexity of the project at hand. Whether you want to improve an existing product or install a new software package, this is when we do our research on the best fit for your business.



To make sure we’re all on the same page, next we develop a spec, start a testing brief and present you with a comprehensive proposal document detailing how we will work with you, along with key information on the proposed features.

A written, functional spec means you can be sure the finished project will meet your requirements – and to make sure you completely understand it, we take care to avoid any technical jargon.



After we’ve established your specific requirements, we set to work designing the proposed solution. The exact design of the system architecture will depend on the constraints uncovered in the ‘Discovery’ stage.



Once we completely understand the project, the problems it needs to solve and how to achieve it, we can get started on the development. All development work is carried out by our in-house, expert team. We work in phases to introduce functionality incrementally, and ensure its success.



Throughout and following the development stage, we use extensive testing and quality assurance processes to test the software and ensure you can be confident in its long-term success.



At this stage, we put the systems live, in phases or the preferred approach identified in the ‘Discovery’ stage. We will keep you up-to-date as we work on the project, including installation and migration of any services or data.


Monitoring, Support and Improvement

So your project’s gone live – but the work doesn’t end there. We like to build lasting relationships with our clients, and will periodically review the system to ensure it evolves along with your business and performs to the best possible standard. We’re happy to develop new features and functionality as and when you need them.